(Cam Type) Permanently
Magnetic Lifter

Apply to transport plane sheet iron , like black iron. As well as mechanical parts , molding of pressing machine, plastic forming mold …etc plane material.

CH-40 / CH-80 / CH-150 / CH-300

Model No. Loading (kg) LxWxH (mm) Net Weight (kg)
CH-40 500 320x140x150 16
CH-80 1000 320x230x200 25
CH-150 2000 450x320x250 55
CH-300 3000 570x415x140 92

.Permanet-magnet operated requiring no power supply, this is free of any hazard caused by power broke or
 failure in
 line distribution system.
.Can gearing this offering easy operation, sturdy occlusion, and long term operation.
.Powerful and permanet magetic working efficiency. one year assurance.

Attraction Removal

Place PML on top of the object to be handledm, erect the level upright.

Discharge: Simply lay the level in lateral postition to depart the object from PML.
Attention: Over 400° temperature and strong collision during operation is prohibited.