CNC Multi-Purpose Punch Grinder



.Fully Automatic Loading and unloading system
.3 grinding wheels can be maximum used in one proceduer
.Perfect tool concentricity preserved by accurate V block or Roller
.Program performs for reworking the forming cutter
.The program built in to adapt G-M Code and all cam software
.Precise wheel spindle and high rigidity workpiece spindle
.Program performs plunge or profile grinding


Basic Specification CH-CM0303 CH-CM0303-MA
Machine size(LxWxH/mm) 2280x1800x1850 1510x1800x1850
Machine weight(kg) 1800 1200
Power request 3Ø 60Hz, 6.3KW 3Ø 60Hz, 5.1KW
Control system Syntec Syntec


Function Specification CH-CM0303 CH-CM0303-MA
Grinding Diameter(mm) Ø0.1~12 Ø0.1~12
Shank Diameter(mm) Ø3~12 Ø3~12
(AUTO) Length(mm) 40~150 -
(Manual)Length(mm) 400~200 400~200


Spindle Spec. CH-CM0303 CH-CM0303-MA
GW Spindle OD Ø 80 mm Max. 6000 rpm Ø 80 mm Max. 6000 rpm
Grinding Motor 2 HP 2 HP
Grinding wheel Ø100~175 mm Ø100~175 mm
WP Spindle OD Ø100 mm Max. 1500 rpm Ø100 mm Max. 1500 rpm
WP Spindle Motor 1.1 KW Servo motor 1.1 KW Servo motor


Other Spec. CH-CM0303 CH-CM0303-MA
Collet Schaublin (UP) Type W20 Schaublin (UP) Type W20
Axis Max. Stroke(mm) 200 200
Axis Max Speed.(m/min) 10 10
Axis Resolution(mm/sec.) 0.001 0.001
Servo Motor Syntec AM5 Syntec AM5
Pneumatic Units FESTO FESTO