For Single Pad Lifters

Do not need to rely on external power, outward control or any complex ccessories. The machine create its’ own vacuum function which is used for factory, warehouse as well as anything need to be lifted, moved, storage indoor or outdoor.

VL-30A / VL-80A / VL-1-200A

.Increase Productivity
.High safety for user
.Elminates Equipment Damage
.Elminates Material Damage
.Improve Storage Utilization
.Simple On/Off Cycle is Quick and Reliable Upward/Downward Movement Controls Vacuum Pickup and

.Lifter is hanging from crane hook.
.Lifter is lowered onto load until chain is slack.
.Lifter is pulled up by hoist and picks up load.
.Lifter and load are set down until chain is completely slack.
.Lifter can now be raised alone and apart with work piece.
.Set the lifter down again until the chain is completely slack and it is ready to pick up its next load.

single pad lifters

.Handle from the thickness portion OR center of metal plate.
.Look across to the 2 inch deflection column.
.Confirm the Max and Min. size of plate.

VL-30A VL-80A VL-1-200A
VL-30A VL-80A VL-1-200A


Model No. Capacity No. of pads OD of pads Beam Length Net Weight
VL-1-200A 2000 1 500x1000 x 270
VL-80A 800 1 480 x 93
VL-30A 300 1 355 x 35